maryland bankruptcy litigationWe litigate unfair collection practices, violations of the automatic stay, privacy law violations, mortgage fraud and discharge violations in State and Federal Court on behalf of our clients. We take the approach at our firm that the best defense is a good offense and we will protect your rights from the moment you step into our office. In 2015, we litigated cases against servicers, banks and debt buyers for well over $500,000 in settlements. All of these cases were settled with fee shifting provisions, meaning that these banks and that buyers paid our client’s fees.

Max Gardner Training

Morgan Fisher participated in extensive training for bankruptcy litigation under the direction of famed bankruptcy attorney, Max Gardner. At Mr. Gardner's boot camp, Mr. Fisher learned the ins and outs of creditor abuse and now has access to unparalleled resources dedicated to stopping creditor abuse. Mr. Fisher is the only lawyer with an office in Washington, D.C. to have trained under Max Gardner.